How to use Zoom integration and Custom Locations on staff level

  1. Simply head to Zoom Integration and link your Zoom account.
  2. Then select that Zoom account from the dropdown menu displayed under Staff Zoom account.
  3. Note that if you are an administrator you will be able to set the Business Zoom account as well as your own personal zoom account.
  4. It is important to note that staff locations overwrite service locations. Therefore if a physical location has been set for a service, but a staff member linked to the service has indicated a link or integrated zoom and activated it for the service, then this location will be available if that staff member is being booked for the specific service.
  1. Staff members without administrator rights will also go to Zoom Integration and do exactly the same.
  2. Note that you cannot set up zoom integration on staff level for someone else, so each staff member will have to connect their own Zoom account and select it for integration.
  3. Staff will also only be able to link their Zoom account and can't link a business Zoom account as displayed below.
  1. Now you will be able to go to Services and select the specific service.
  2. Now simply select "Autogenerated Zoom Meeting" as the location type and the booked staff member's zoom account will be used to generate the meeting link.
  3. Custom locations can also be used on staff level where a staff member selects "Custom Location" in the dropdown menu for the required service. They can then paste in their static link or any other static link in the textbox.

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