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Modular, plug-&-play telemedicine platforms. Fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Beast-mode scheduling

Take full control of calendars, cut admin time and no-shows. Manage multiple staff, calendars, and locations with ease.

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10x your reach through video calls

Increase your patients' access to care with virtual appointments. Provide meaningful care from anywhere.

Assess vital signs & health indicators with mobile camera

Remotely allow patients to assess and track vital signs using their mobile phone, tablet and web cameras. Heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate and more.

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Build medical forms in minutes

Secure online medical forms for your practice. Collect patient info faster and sync with your patient portal.

Always in touch with
real-time & asynchronous chat

Utilize HIPAA compliant private and group chat with online and offline messaging. Secure file sharing for test results and more.

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Features creating real impact

Scheduling on steroids for all

Never had more powerful tools to manage complex scheduling across your team.

Secure video calls, just like face to face

Crisp video calls, seamlessly integrated into your calendar.

Customizable booking pages

Unique features with our business, staff and service booking pages.

Medical, no-code form builder

Improve front desk efficiency with digital forms built with ease.

Remote vital scans using mobile

Assess health indicators virtually using a web camera.

Live & asynchronous chat

Private and group chat rooms with secure file sharing.

Online payments via Stripe and Paypal

Credit card payments at appointment booking. A great way to reduce no-shows.

Geo location-based data storage

Enable cross-border care and securely store patient data in the right location.

Securely manage patient data

Store patient information and logs for your staff to see.

All fully HIPAA and GDPR-compliant

Enabling you to provide a trustworthy, comfortable care experience.

Coordinate staff, locations & more

Manage multiple staff, services, rooms at various locations - virtual and physical.

Team-focused scheduling tools

Manage multiple businesses, locations, staff and much more with unique tools.

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