Cut Your Phone Lines -
Digital Appointment Scheduling

Save time, cut admin and allow front desk teams to focus on patients. Powerhouse scheduling to move from clunky systems to beast-mode, digital-first practice management

Your Problem

Your practice uses a fully manual, restrictive or archaic appointment scheduling system resulting in an unhappy, overburdened front desk, poor patient experience, high number of no-shows and practitioners not effectively using their practice time.

Your Solution

Smart appointment scheduling tools will enable you to easily manage multiple calendars, staff, services, locations, teams and timezones. Front desk and patients will love the booking experience.

Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

Bookings anytime via
own virtual front desk

Allow patients to book outside of your business hours and direct from any device. Customize your booking page to reflect your branding.

90% book appointments online

Ding-dong, reminder.

Reduce no-shows with automated email and SMS reminders. Notify staff when an appointment is created and changed.

40% reduction in no-shows
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

Seemingly impossible scheduling needs, delivered through unseen features

Easily but comprehensively control services, staff, locations, and shifts. Avoid clashes, double bookings and unnecessary admin.

Cut admin by 50%

Group treatments with ease

Avoid unnecessary communication and simplify group bookings. Easily book multiple patients and staff in one session.

96% are happy with virtual care
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

The Undisputed Rising Star in Telemedicine

Fuel Growth with Powerful

Complex scheduling made easy

Run group and recurring bookings, ad-hoc appointments, and more. We provide the most powerful features in the industry.

Customizable booking pages

Easily create your own branded booking page, embed it into your website or simply share the link.

Powerful scheduling for teams

Manage multiple staff, businesses, locations and services. Set different roles with access level rights.

Custom notifications to all

Set dynamic email and SMS notifications for patients and staff. No-shows no more!

Sync all calendars across the team

No more calendar clashes! Sync all calendars and avoid double bookings.

Accept online payments

Credit card payments at the time of appointment setting to reduce no-shows.

Multi-staff bookings

Ability to set virtual and physical locations for hybrid teams.

Group bookings

Enable inviting a group of patients to the same appointment.

Location flexibility

Ability to set virtual and physical locations for hybrid teams.

Recurring appointments

Allow easy setup of a recurring appointment series, weekly, monthly or even yearly.

User-friendly dashboard

View upcoming appointments, SMS credits, reviews and feedback.

Individual practitioner settings

Select specific services each team members provides, their location, break times and more.

All fully HIPAA and GDPR-compliant

All services and tools are fully HIPAA and GDPR-compliant to provide trustworthy care.

Digital intake via custom forms

Free up front desk staff with digital forms created with our no-code form builder.

Match staff to rooms & services

Manage multiple staff, specific services, different treatment rooms, various locations.

The secret sauce has more
than one ingredient

Don’t forget Upvio combines your appointment scheduling with secure telehealth tools in one powerhouse platform.

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