Opportunity Knocks Through Video Consultations

Easily expand your catchment area without the associated cost.
Fully virtual or hybrid with secure video appointments.

Your Problem

Your practice offers in-person consultations only and is limiting its care and growth potential. With a limited footprint, changing patient behavior towards digital-first engagements, you have been struggling to expand your care, increase patient recruitment and retention.

Your Solution

Cleverly tech-enable and market to your existing and future customer base without additional cost. Virtual health technology that allows you to consult your patients from anywhere and from any device.

Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

Liberate your life with secure video calls

Secure video calling tools fully integrated with your appointment scheduling. Treat patients in a way that fits your lifestyle - virtual-only or hybrid.

64% prefer virtual-only or hybrid

Be proud you can do more

Upvio is the core to enabling your teams to treat more patients, more effectively, across state and border lines at your convenience.

58% want to care across state lines
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

Smooth intake with virtual patient waiting rooms

Practitioners can easily view upcoming and waiting patients with full control of patient flow. One consistent link for easy access.

96% are satisfied with virtual care

Secure file sharing via chat and video

File sharing with patients during live video sessions and offline messaging. All shared files securely stored in the patient portal to enable easy access for patients and staff.

50% cited admin as the main burden
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

The Undisputed Rising Star in Telemedicine

Powerful video features -
Delivering meaningful care

Convenient consultation delivery

Powerful and fully flexible features, unimaginably easy to use for practice and patients.

High-quality video conferencing

End-to-end encrypted video solution that gives peace of mind, from any device.

Run appointments from any location

Take control of your schedule. Consult your way, anywhere, anytime

One-click, easy entry for patients

Simple entry through secure link provided in your customized notification.

Video appointments with groups

The more the merrier, facilitate groups conveniently.

Capture notes and information

Conveniently take notes during video consultations

Chat during video calls

Communicate to all participants during virtual appointments including file sharing.

For teams large and small

Built to grow with your practice. Easily add team members with user-based pricing.

No download required, any device

No download for you or your patients. Runs on any device.

The secret sauce has more
than one ingredient

Don’t forget Upvio combines your appointment scheduling with secure telehealth tools in one powerhouse platform.

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